Nathan Birkinshaw is a performer and theatre-maker from Wakefield, creating work that’s honest and funny, with a mixed-media approach. He aims to pick out the absurdity in the notion of humanity and the crazy time we’re living in.

Smartly-silly — Donald Hutera
A mistake — Mr + Mrs Birkinshaw

I have recently been supported by hÅb and Contact theatre, Manchester for WorksAhead with recent work: 

HOW I LOST THE THE WILL TO LIVE (& Why you should too)

Self produced my own work and toured platforms with: I Wish You Were Here.

Other support in the past has been Drunken Chorus, and the OPEN bursary from Live@Lica.

Proudly worked with and for Peader Kirk, Karen Christopher (Goat Island), Slunglow and Darren White. Amongst others.

I also make work with Matthew Pearce as Matt & Nath.

Our work can be found: HERE

And as a dramaturge for The Man & The Mouse,

I’m also a twit: @NathBirkinshaw